>Friday, Fort Night

by eltomboy


Fort 2-2, originally uploaded by palinc22.

So, I felt the absolute need to make a fort. Luckily, our lovely sectional has 4 movable pieces which comes in handy for nights like Friday.
I made the couch into a bed like square (all friends that stay over get to enjoy this little treat) and put the broom dead center. I have old curtains and tapestries hanging around which are the perfect weight for a fort, too heavy = no bueno. I plopped the ironing board up on my desk and tied twine from a bookshelf to the ironing board, threading the curtains the whole time.

I have to say, it was so easy and so fun. I kept teasing the Guy asking if he could see the stars through the opening at the top. Instead we were just blinded by our lights, but it was funny nonetheless.

This fort didn’t make it through the night, however, thanks to a special little gato that likes to climb on top of EVERYTHING AND DESTROY IT! oh well, it was super fun while it lasted.

When’s the last time ya’ll built a fort?

Fort 1-1