by eltomboy

>Amazingly perfect pink tank top, set of two flying eagle whiskey glasses, swinger glass, nice blue duffel bag (for the guy).

Here you can see, my new Target hat, a new Ball jar, great sunglasses, 2 new necklaces (need new chains), awesome white glass tray, lace top, 1992 stapler, stripe skirt, stripe tee, vintage Saks velvet evening top.

Product shot from the top of my stapler. It sold me. It literally staples through probably hundreds of pages. It does a shitty job for just a simple 2 page staple, but put a cardboard box under there and this stapler is the man for the job.

Special staples. I love the illustration.

Best stapler ever, send me over your screen plays and i’ll staple it for ya.

Newest embroidery. A work in progress, but I like the detail and how it is turning out.

My new necklace pendant I made. Never before have I attempted something so intricate with sequins and beads and all, but I LOVE the way it turned out, if I do say so myself 🙂

I love thrifting and crafting. I am looking to find more time to do both of these things this summer, I’m sure I’ll have to make time, but who cares I love doing it.

Any suggestions for new projects to make or things to embroider? Lemme know!