>things I want

by eltomboy

>I have a little extra coinage in my pocket these days, and it’s rattling so much, I think it’s best to spend it!

Well, that’s not true. This past year I have been extra mindful of every single penny and now that I feel a little bit of comfort, I want to reward myself. Yes, I know, bad idea. Save up even more, blah blah blah. I’ve heard the story. I have a dad, ya know.


Well, lets say if I save up enough this summer these are things I want most. And honestly, I’ve wanted them for a long time, I was just waiting until I had some extra $ to purchase them!

First and foremost.
I’ve wanted a dress form for a hundred years now. A Wolf form would be best, but any’ll do.

And now that I have an excellent camera, I just want a new lens. Once you get into photography you suddenly realize the benefit of having a bajillion different lenses and why you need them NOW!
The only problem with this lens is, for the cheaper version around $135 it doesn’t have auto focus with my model camera, but for only $300 more 😦 it does.



I could go for an all out thrifting weekend where I set out with say $100 bucks in hand and spend every last dime. I have not done that in forever! I would need to pay for my mama to come out though because the guy is absolutely not cut out for such endeavors!


You know, I have not gone shopping for myself in so long. I bought an adorable dress for 9 dollars about a month ago, and that’s the last time. I guess that is good. Good cents.

Sorry, I had to.

Other than that, I want to travel. Anywhere, San Francisco, Texas, Montana (duh), Home, Oregon, At this point, it would have to be close enough to here, but at the same time anywhere but Los Angeles. haha, easy feat, no?

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed of my plans!

Hey! Maybe there is flea market going on, three hours away, selling dress forms and nikon lenses! Well, now wouldn’t that be entirely too freaking perfect.