>I need a new Swim Suit

by eltomboy

>And any of these will do.


Or should I make my own? These tops look cute.


This is a super cute surfer girl one.
Could totally go for that. Being a professional boogie boarder and all. 🙂


ok wait.
I think I found it.
Thank you jcrew. Now, if only I had the money $$$$


Oh my god, I think I need this swim suit? Does Jcrew carry suits in their stores? I will definitely need to try it on before I buy it, IF I buy it.
I’m a sucker for a good swim suit though. I bought a $200 marc by marc suit over 2 years ago and I’m ready to move on.
She’s treated me good, but I think I’m due for a bright little number for the summer.
Summer 2010!

I just always go in between loving vintage pieces and then pieces that are reminiscent of vintage, but modern. Once I bought this sweet 1960’s suit, high waisted bottoms and all, but the odds of me actually wearing it to the beach are slim. Let’s just put it this way, I’m serious about my water play. Body surfing, playing in the waves, boogie boarding (as said) pretty much anything. I love the water more than anything. If it was my choice I’d be in the water every free second I could.

That’s the one plus of living in Los Angeles. The great wide Pacific beaches 🙂