>Love for Bella

by eltomboy

>There is a new itty bitty baby addition to my extended family and I couldn’t help, but make her a little dress or two 🙂
Her name is Bella Joy and she is just the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. I’ve only seen pictures, but man oh man, I can’t wait to meet her.
I found two little onesies that were so adorable, of course their tiny size makes them even cuter, but I knew I had to dress them up a little.
I loved the colors, and I love contrasting bright colors and prints on babies, so I put these together.

Dressy for Bella 2
Dressy for Bella
All I did was take the onesie and figure out where I wanted the line for the skirt part of the dress to begin.
Then I took a piece of super soft stretchy elastic and measure it just a teeny bit smaller then the bodice of the onesie.
I measured that into quarters being the side seams and center front and center back.
Then I took a piece of fabric and cut front and back in an a-line shape about twice the size of the bodice.
Since this piece is bigger than the elastic I pin the elastic to the side seams and center front and center back of the fabric.
Then I pin this whole concoction to the dress in the line that I wanted just below the bust.
I sewed a straight line in the middle of the elastic stretching it to fit nicely.

Viola, baby dress for a baby!

I am not really sure why I posted the instructions, (and not very well) but if you have any questions or want a step by step with pictures let me know.
It was really fun and easy to make.
And hopefully I get pictures of Bella wearing one soon, I hope they fit!

Have a good night!