by eltomboy

>Pictures of mi casa.
P hanger
my P hook. I use this right next to my closet for all of my favorite robes. I’m a robe hooker, I love em. If you give them to me as a gift, I really wear them. I accept them, and love them, and wear them til they’re rotten. No joke.

I’d probably be a dad that liked ties for fathers day! 

Robes for girls are the same thing, I think.

Moving on.



Hanging Rack

More closet. It seriously was necessary to have a rolling rack as a continuation of my closet.

And maybe share less than half of it with the guy 🙂

Clothes, much?

I like clothes. I’m a clothes horse. Didn’t I tell ya already.

Don’t judge. Show me your closet then we can talk.

Bicycle, Sage, Dinosaur

Decorations in the living room. Yes that is white sage. I’m a huge believer.

Close up Goodies 2

huge sucker for knick knacks and power animals. Apparently between the guy and I we have a few!

Lo and behold, he has a cat

How’d this creepy pic slip in here?! Guy what are you doing to Henry?! Cirque de sol kitty?


Living room. See me in the reflection of the lamp ???

Cowboys luv BBQ

More knick knacks. On top of this….

Mailbox and glass detail

Remember, I got this at the flea market. So far, only thing in it is shot glasses. Good use, no?

Wall of Frame

Wall of frame.

Here’s another angle.

Room with a View

I love it.


Entry way.

Bano 2




Well folks, that’s all.

Whaddya think? It’s slowly, but surely coming along. I think I want to paint a bit and hang a few more things up. All in all though, this house is way more us. And that is a good feeling. I never thought it would happen in LA, but the impossible is coming true. Don’t tell the guy I told ya, k? haha

I sent out my mothers day gifts today and I completely forgot to take pictures of the things I made and cards and everything. I hope my mama’s, all three of them, take pictures and send them to me to show you all. I’m really proud of how simple and sweet everything came out. 🙂

Have a good night. I miss ya’ll. Comment if you like my place!