by eltomboy

>Hi all, so tonight I was feeling like I might pull my hair out. Ever have those moments? Like nothing is exciting, nothing is acceptable, no one can do you any good and all you want to do is scream for no reason at all? It is as if I have electricity running through my body and there is no outlet for the lightning to escape and I just want to claw someone’s eyes out if I can’t figure out a cure fast enough.


Just me?

Well anyways 🙂 when I have those moments of extreme angst and frustration usually the only thing that calms me down is putting my hands to work. Either drawing, or cutting, or embroidering. Tonight the latter won.

A little more intricate than my usual work and I really like the way she turned out. It’s a tiny hoop, too. About 2″x 2″ cute, huh?

Hope you all have a good night and a beautiful day tomorrow.

Ps. big plans for the giveaway. I have been thinking up loads of ideas, but do you have any suggestions? Don’t be shy and give me all ya got!