>Coachella part dos.

by eltomboy


 He is always making ma faces at me! It was sorta overcast for the Saturday. That’s good though because the heat went down oh about 2 degrees to 88 or something. It was a scorcher!

 Down the camp isles. We were pretty far from the venue, but it was a nice walk and a decent distance away so we weren’t having to deal with a lot of 4 in the morning hoopala. We’re old people remember?

This is my guy, on the first day, ain’t he handsome?

 Water. We drank about a gallon a day between the two of us. It went in our mouths and out every single pore on our bodies. And it wasn’t just water we drank, it was beer, Dr. Pepper, jack and cokes, gatorade, tea, liquid was divine.


 Eating a mango! Just like I did when I was a kid. Hunched over, juice all over my face and hands, and loving it! I made the dress I am wearing, too. We didn’t get any good pics, but I’ll definitely get a few later in the week. I wanted something fast and easy and super comfortable, and this is just the ticket.

Here’s my guy looking happy as can be.

We weren’t too stressed with seeing every single performance which made the trip go a whole lot smoother. We took care of ourselves the most, so we didn’t get dehydrated or heat exhaustion.

That happened to me once at Six Flags Great Adventure, waiting in line to go on a water ride in 113 degree Valencia and in a split second I was white as a ghost and down for the count. Next think you know I’m drinking some dudes gatorade and looking like an idiot all wobbly while my friends all went on the ride.  Moral of the story, drink a lot, and know your limits! And screw friends that ditch you for the water ride while you’re suffering from heat exhaustion!

I digress.

Bands we saw: (in order of awesomeness, lo to hi)
Them Crooked Vultures
–I love Dave Grohl and the band is really good, obviously, but I just can’t get into them the way everyone else does. Still a great performance and Dave can seriously beat the hell out of some drums.

The Middle East
–Never heard them before, but really liked them. Sounded like they would be a great indie movie soundtrack band. Weird? Yes. I definitely got down to them though.

The Avett Brothers
–Such a fun show. Everyone was super into it which made it even better. I had only heard them a few times and never had money to buy an album or anything, but this makes me want to scoop up everything they’ve ever recorded. Just about front row, I’m a good weasel and got us a pretty good spot 🙂

Shooter Jennings/Heirophant
–Now, we all know I’m obsessed. I really am. We even saw his wife, Drea de Matteo, his wife and their daughter Alabama. Cutest name ever! I just loved his set and thought the guys did awesome. Good stuff and best of all his show was in a covered tent, so we had a chance to cool off. Oh! and I was front row for this one!

–I’m in love. Have been for a while now, but this show was spectacular! The guy and I saw them before and he has been a fan forever, and this show just about did us both in. The guy said after, “If it all goes down from here, I’ll die happy” It was that good.If you haven’t listened to them yet, I highly recommend it.

John Waters
–Not a band, but one of the best film directors ever. He decided to do a spoken word/stand up set and he just tells the dirtiest, funniest jokes that you could never believe could come from a gay 63 year old man in the middle of the desert! He has directed some of my favorite movies and I was thrilled we saw him. We both can’t stop repeating all of the funny things he talked about.
“If you can’t eat wheat, if you can’t eat gluten, then FUCK YOU!” hahaha that’s just a sampling.

King Kahn and the Shrines
–PURE HAPPINESS! I danced, danced, DANCED! So much fun. It’s the best when the band is enjoying playing just as much as you are enjoying listening. Seriously, we lit dollar bills on fire and Yo Gabba Gabba even came out as special guests! How fucking cool! I’m not kidding, one of the best live shows I have ever seen in my entire life.

The Dead Weather
–If you ever have a chance to see this band, please for the love of God DO! She is hot, he is hot, the other guys are hot. We were front row for this and it was worth waiting a whole hour with a slew of people sweating at 11 o’clock at night and some fool spilling wine all down your back. Yep, still worth it. The lead singer, is absolutely amazing. She will rock your socks off. The way she moves, the way she sings, no one could front Jack White better than her (the guy said that and it describes her perfect)
and Jack. Do I even need to say anything? I’ve had a crush on him for ages and to see him live for the first time was incredible. I’ve got it in for pasty white guys with crazy hair and wearing clothes that don’t necessarily compliment their bellies and who sing their hearts out no matter what they sound like and play their guitars like they’ve got nothing left to live for.
So, yeah. I liked ’em a lot. 🙂

Sorry, it got a little wordy, sometimes I have to remember blogging is meant for a place to keep my memories, in case I don’t journal them.

Hope you had an amazing weekend and aren’t as sunburned as I am 🙂