>I can’t

by eltomboy

>I felt the need to have a prompt today. Couldn’t focus in one bit on what to write about, or show you pictures of, anything.  I thought about doing an:

“in my purse” or
“my daily blogs” or
“good movies” or
“why do my hips always crack? I’m too young for this”

But, I’ll do this….

Today I read one of those self help, inspire you to change the world type posts by some random guy and the way he listed and crammed his way to be a better person down my throat made me sick.

I’m all for doing what feels good to you, what makes you happier, living your dreams, but I’m not for being told precisely step by step how exactly I should do anything. What’s right, what’s wrong. Who are you kidding? There are no rights and wrongs! It’s just a forest and we all need to blaze our own trails. Most importantly we need to live and not be told how to live. Guided maybe, but not 500 steps about yes and no. This is my prompt.

This is what I do to feel alive.

This is the way I see it, you don’t have to agree, you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to care, but this is just the way I see it.

1.) Laugh. Every single day. A lot. This is the most important thing.
Don’t force it, don’t look for it, just feel it when it hits you. Feel it deep in your belly as you strain to gasp for air because you can’t breathe because your body is having a spaz attack and nothing in the world could stop you in this very moment. Also, feel the moments when you have a little giggle to yourself, when thinking of something funny that happened, or sharing a silly moment with a stranger. Laugh loud and smile often.

2.) Eat. Every single day. A lot. This is the second most important thing.
Be healthy, enjoy food for what it is. Eat from this Earth. Think of what you eat and know what is going into your body. Eat colorful. Chew every bite thoughtfully feel it’s texture and it’s flavor. Don’t take yourself too seriously though, it’s also healthy to enjoy some of the richer things in life from time to time, how could you deny a Big Mac on a roadtrip, or a hotdog from the flea market, don’t beat yourself up over this. Love your body and be happy with what you eat and how your body looks everyday. And your body will love you.

3.) Craft. Every single day. A lot. This is the third most important thing.
Whether it is sewing or embroidery or drawing (me!) or music or cooking or writing, just do what you do. Just start something, even if it is little, just start. It might be shit, but it just might not be. It might be something that everyone was waiting ages to see and never knew they needed it. Just do. Writing one sentence a day, making one scribble, sewing one stitch. You’d be surprised once you start to pay attention how often you craft, even in the smallest way. Even if you don’t feel you’re creative, in some way in your human nature you are. Try and nurture this a little bit everyday.

4.) Daydream. Every single day. Maybe not a lot, but just a little 🙂 This is the fourth most important thing.
What does the weekend hold, what does your summer hold, what does your life hold? Who knows? No one, but boy, it is sure fun to think about. What if you went back to school, what if you planned a sky diving trip, what if you surprised your significant other with a trip to Australia? WHAT IF? That is the prompt! Simple as that. Be as imaginative as you want, be as realistic as you want, but most of all be free. Let your mind roam and turn over every stone and see what treasures you find. You never know where daydreaming will take you, but enjoy this process and take great pride in where your thoughts lead you. You never know what could actually become reality, so let go, and let go often.

5.) Love. Every single day. Maybe the  most of all. This is the fifth most important thing.
Love what makes you laugh. Love what you eat. Love what you craft. Love every single one of your daydreams. Love your love for your family, your significant others, your pets, your friends, your life. You only have this one precious life. This life that is yours to go whichever way you choose. Love that you have the power to do this, that you have the power to change anything you want. Be who you want to be and love who you are. Love everything that makes you, you. Because you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are unique in every imaginable way and that is why you are loved. That is why you exist to love every single day. Love.

This is just an idea of what I try and live by and what I feel everyone might feel everyday, even if it is just a little bit, or what I hope everyone knows they are at least capable of. There are no quick tricks, or fast results, no gimmicks, just living. People, just live.

I hope you have a good night and I hope you have a good day tomorrow.