by eltomboy

>I just can’t say enough about this guy. I mean he played 3 songs, one being a Kermit the frog song and talked the rest of the time with his producer Dave Cobb about their process of idea making and putting together a record.

His new record is unreal. He signed mine. (AWESOME)
I won the tickets for commenting on blogdowntown.com for the tickets. So worth it.
If you ever have the chance to comment on someones blog to win something I say go for it you never know what fun might pursue!

The Grammy museum is amazing and I’ll definitely go to just to visit the museum sometime and not solely for a performance.
I am truly happy to cross one of my life goals off and that was to meet Shooter Jennings. I had that planted in my head since I was 17.
Hope you all had a good night, too!

And this is from left to right Dave Cobb, my guy, ME AND SHOOTER!!

Signing off. Tria