>Rose Bowl Flea Market Pasadena CA

by eltomboy

>Since we’re moving in, oh, about 2 weeks the guy and I got lucky enough to go furniture shopping! (we really are blessed to have been able to do this, it was a real treat)
So, smart twentysomething year olds that we are, we decided to spend wisely! To the flea market we went!
Off this morning at 7 am, we made the gate at 8 am early enough to beat the crowds, and beat em we did!
Check out our steals!

This dresser is super awesome. The guy needed some more storage for clothes and this was the first thing on our list. Especially since our closet size is being cut in half, and let’s face it, I don’t part well with my wardrobe.


Then of course I forced the guy to take a picture of this top hot! Shawsome, much?
*Note my shadow on the cabinet! I was grinning wildly directly at the hat and didn’t see my own shadow!

Now, this last special number does not need any explanation. (it’s an old mailbox from New York, it still has all the last names from the person whose mailbox it last was.)