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Is that a word? The guy mentioned a friend that does it constantly (parents being teachers and all) and how we should really try to make it habit.
With the people that we meet daily and work we do, it would be really amazing to look back on it someday. And I would really like to work on developing my voice a little more as a writer. Sketching is always my first priority, but I like writing, too. Although I always feel trite, or like I’m trying too hard. Does that ever happen to you?

And how fun is it to buy or make new journals! And to have a collection like this some day would be phenomenal!

candy colored moleskins

My Moleskin 2.0 Exhibition entryclever clever!


Pages of my Moleskin (Part XII)source

13+ yearssource

rockford coffee from the back boothawesome

Closeup of the stitching patternsource