>Where am I?

by eltomboy

I have long been stalking her art on Etsy.

Michelle Hartney does the most stately (pun definitely intended:) paintings.

I wish to scoop up this Illinois painting so very badly. Being my home state and all, and the curls, I mean, could it be any more me? I have a real problem with being homesick allllll of the time, so I bring all sorts of Illinois memorabilia into my life to constantly remind me of where I come from and how my upbringing made me who I am today.

Please check her out, not only are her state painting amazing, but her handbags and jewelry are of the same caliber. She is a creator through and through. Clearly a fantastic human being to put forth so much beauty all made with such dedication to detail. It’s truly stunning to me. I hope you like it too!