>Jump ! 50 follower Giveaway!

by eltomboy


Jump ! Maasais Kenya, originally uploaded by Eric Lafforgue.

Don’t forget to follow this blog (it’s that easy? YES! just click follow and make a profile, you don’t need a blog or nothin!)

Once I get to 50 followers, we’re talking AWESOME GIVEAWAY PEOPLE! Trust you me, whoever this lucky winner is, is really lucky, because the giveaway is going to knock all yo socks off!

If I ever get a chance to think, I’ll do a major posting of every little goodie that will be in the giveaway.

And yes, I am going to do a big giveaway for my first milestone to set the standard for the rest of time on this blog! So, you beginning followers, I love ya, and here’s to a bajillion more giveaways together!