>childhood memories anybody?

by eltomboy

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childhoodme!childhood 2

Feeling sentimental tonight and looking back at these pictures of my childhood always makes me laugh. I love that my parents always took funny pictures of my brother and I instead of the typical always smiling polite shots. I have to admit I haven’t changed one bit. I could look through all of my iPhoto pictures right now and I guarantee at least two/thirds are me making faces. Honest.

I love that i have tights on my head in one, a pink dish glove on one hand in another, a full on early 90’s mauve jacket, hiding in the closet, and MINI FISHING POLES IN MY EARS with an awesome pigtail girl sweater. like, WHAT? what were my parents thinking! I love it. Oh to be a kid again. I loved always being with my brother. I loved just hanging around like kids do.

Do ya’ll have any funny baby pictures? It’s such a funny thing to share 🙂