>Don’t forget the Giveaway!

by eltomboy

>Giveaway will be happening once we get to 50 followers, people! We’re stalling out at 26 and I really really want to send some goodies off to the lucky winner 🙂
Tell one, tell all, but sheesh louise let’s get to 50!!

And if you’re a doodler like me (I’m sure you are) I highly suggest adding something to this crazy train. GO TEAM SCRIBBLE!

I know the deadline is in 2 days, I just found about it today too, or I would have told you sooner. I sware, cross my heart kiss my elbow and hope to live!

I’m going to scribble something up for them and I suggest you do too! Let me know and I’ll look for your drawings too once the zine is printed! The totem pole is so awesome from last year and I’m sure this year will be even cooler!