>ok, I’m back

by eltomboy

>I don’t even know what compelled me to write this yesterday, but it just came out. Sometimes things like that happen, ya know?
I don’t mean it in a depressing way, more like we are all on this Earth going in circles around the sun. Very fundamental.
When things are put in perspective like that, you can stand back and really see the clear picture. For me it was recognizing that no matter how stressful a day is, or how bad my anxiety can get, very simply put, I am just spinning in a circle. It makes me happy to think of my guy, or my animals, or my family, or what I love doing, and all seems right.

Also, Jem from Livin’ gave me some good advice, (I didn’t save our g-chat, but I’ll wing it)
We were discussing what we want to do with our lives and what we have already done and where we are right now and where we are going and he said something along the lines of,
“It is better to know exactly what you don’t want to do, to push you closer to realizing what you do want to do.”
I’m sure that has been said a hundred times a hundred ways, but coming from him really had a great impact on me.
I’m slowly finding my way and this blog is really pushing me along. I thank all of you that have checked it out and like it and the comments that I keep receiving mean a lot to me. I’m so happy people like what I’m doing and are ::maybe:: interested in what I am saying 🙂

Since my little trip to Las Vegas, I’m back now, so expect lots of new posts and lots and lots and lots of projects!