>Sorry for the bad lighting….

by eltomboy

>but how cute is this!!??
I had a lot of fun watching my Thursday night shows, Parks and Recreation and The Office and during I whipped up this little cutie!
Embroidery Sewing Machinesource
After I made the BOOYAH embroidery I have kinda been hooked. I figured I would make a little memento to one of my favorite things, My Sewing Machine!
Close up!!! Thread!source
I decided on blue thread to match the thread on my spool tattoo. (yet another tattoo reference, I really should just post pictures! sheesh, comment me if you’re really interested and I will, there might be a little boobage, but we’re all cool here, right?)
Of course, I had to sign it with my initials. I didn’t use my middle initial because isn’t it sooo dorky that my initials are P.A.L.? haha slash it is kinda awesome 🙂
Next time.

Give me more ideas for things to embroider! I might even commission some and frame them! I’m getting ahead of myself, but definitely give me ideas or email me if you are interested in purchasing one that is made to your liking!