>the pioneer woman

by eltomboy


“Now, I’m not necessarily saying I wish humans were like deer. We are human, after all—set apart by our maker to evolve to a higher level of consciousness… behavior… being. There’s simply more to being a human than living in a field and grazing, and I’m glad there is. It’s a busy life—sometimes a stressful, congested one. But it’s a full life, too. Full of failures, sure… disappointments… tragedies. But also full of love, triumph, adventure, learning, compassion, consideration, empathy. A herd of deer doesn’t give one thought to other herds of deer, unless the other herds of deer come eat their food. We humans, on the other hand, have the capability to reach out to humans in need, whether they’re down the street… in the next state… or across the ocean.

No, as simple and uncluttered as a deer’s life is, I wouldn’t trade it for what we humans have for one second.”

-Ree Drummond

For this, I read this blog everyday. I am absolutely in love with her humor, photos, family and outlook on life.

Head over to The Pioneer Woman and check it out.

And oH. MY. GOD. do try one of her many wonderful recipes. I think the guy nearly died when we made her beef drip sandwiches. oh lord were they delicious and SUPER EASY! (just what this whiz needs in the kitchen!)