>Meet Lyla

by eltomboy

>Well hello there, ms. giraffe.
why, those are some mighty nice navy blue lashes you have:)
Lyla the giraffe.sorcery

while making her, i discovered that giraffes are definitely dinosaurs and horse hybrids. i think i need to present this evidence to scientist worldwide.
I mean, i suppose her neck should be a little more straight, but for my first giraffe, she ain’t to bad!
Giraffes are dinosaurs and horses mixed. sorcery

Let me know what you think! I am trying to decide if I want to open up an etsy shop and if that goes well maybe try out a Renegade Craft Fair ????

If anyone has more animal ideas please let me know! I need motivation to start making more!
Next on my list is a banana slug for my best friend Jem. He’s living it up in Spain, if you like architectural photography and funny stories, I highly recommend his blog. I miss him like the dickens, I’ll hopefully post pics and send it to him soon!