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by eltomboy

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Casette Tapesource
Casette Tapesource
Casette Tapesource

i have been feeling the urge to make a mix tape lately, but really want to narrow down 100% 10 exact songs to sum up january so far. A lot has happened and I am really happy and i think i might try to make a mixtape for every month this year. I’ll post it on here what songs I think add up to January 2010.

And on a side note, do you remember when destroyed cassette tape tape used to be strewn all over the side of the road? it used to decorate every median and shine-ify most street corners. I wonder what was on the tape, why would you just chuck them out your car window? Cd’s don’t quite have the same effect shattered on the side of the road as cassette tapes did.
Those were the daze.