>The Princess and the Pea

by eltomboy

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When I was in first grade I was given an assignment. Now I don’t exactly remember what it was, nor does my mama, but it had to do with fairy tales. The particular fairy tale that was given to me was The Princess and the Pea.

As the story goes the Prince was searching all over the land to find a true Princess. As a test the Queen would put a pea under 20 mattresses and 20 feather beds, for a true Princess would feel as if a large rock was placed beneath a simple sheet.
One dark and rainy night the King heard a knock at the gate and opened to find a woman soaked head to toe. It was a princess.
The Queen led her to her bed piled high up to the ceiling with colorful mismatched mattresses and blankets and pillows galore. She placed the single pea at the very bottom without saying a word and the Princess climbed all the way to the top and tried to fall asleep.
In the morning the Royal Family awoke and awaited the Princess’ arrival. When asked how she slept the Princess replied,
“I hate to be rude, but I am not sure what bedding you have provided as it was the worst night’s sleep I have ever had. I tossed and turned and am bruised from head to toe from whatever rocks were in the mattresses.”
The Prince married her that day, knowing that he had found a True Princess at last.

As a first grader I, too, placed a pea under my single twin sized mattress and as my mama tells it, moaned and groaned all night feigning my inability to fall asleep. I awoke in the morning complaining all the way to school that “I just couldn’t sleep a wink last night”

I told everyone the next day at school that I was a True Princess, just like in the story.
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