>Flying back to LA

by eltomboy


After a wonderful 2 week visit to my home town just outside of Chicago, it’s time to return to reality. Taking off the first Monday of the entire year, I think it is the perfect way to start out 2010!
I will hopefully be making a bunch of changes to the layout and overall boringness of lelloandbu as soon as I get a chance. Definitely need a new banner first and foremost. I think I have somewhat figured out more of the direction I want this blog to take and hopefully I can make it come togerther the way I want 🙂
I am sitting on the plane right now listening to some pretty sweet jams and looking at the grand canyon, bee-yoo-tiful!
I can’t wait for style school to start I bought a bunch of supplies while I was home and I can’t wait to get back to proper crafting!

Signing off. Tria!