>i spy with my little eye

by eltomboy

>what i’m predicting for the future…

brown. i think we are going to see the change from grey to brown finally. i think we have spent enough time in this charcoal. it’s time to roll around in the dirt a little.
it’s a transition from the nudes that are engulfing the runways to warmer and darker hues of rich lovely brown.

90’s. as in bustiers, leather, detailed seam work, and the baby doll dress (long sleeves, scoop neck, above the knee, preferably floral printed). i think this is a trend now, but i am most absolutely certain it is going to take hold for a bit. i even think the denim skirts and of course the white button down shirt will have it’s time to shine. it won’t just be the grunge aspect of the nineties, but also the polished preppy side too.

pumps. these outrageous heels that are almost impossible to wear are going to exit stage left soon. too much hardware, too much glam, too much of, well, too much. i think a lowered more wearable heel with a very retro standard pump shape is going to come back in style. almost awkwardly at first because the shape isn’t quite modern, but in it’s comeback the shoe will be completely different and new. maybe it will come in suedes and soft leather with delicate detail or even printed upholstery type fabric. this will take the edge off of those ridiculous stompers that everyone is trying to wear and let’s just face it, they look better on the runway not on the street.

menswear. you already know i’m in love with the tuxedo, but beyond that… i believe a crisp baby blue short sleeve button down tucked into a pair of cropped trousers with suspenders and a neatly tied bow tie will be the cross over look for boys and girls. the simplicity and sharpness of this look will carry day to evening depending on your bowtie! sparkly for night, plaid for day, satin for night, gingham for day. i know all of the boys in west hollywood are wearing this now, but i think it is going to work for all genders and sexual preference. i don’t think this look will need any more embellishments or metallic trims or floppy fabric broaches, it will be a nice clean statement, i guess in opposition of all the grunge.

the crop top. we’ve moved on from the legs and boobs to the back and stomach. cropped tops are being made in reverse to show off lovely lower backs and hang nearly to the knees in the front. or are cut super high above the waist and have intricate detail in the back. anything cut just short of the belly button is perfect. wearable with high waisted skinny jeans, which are still very much popular or high waisted bubble skirts, or more sexy with low rise paper bag denim or twills. biker shorts look great as do harem pants. it’s an amazing look, only if you feel comfortable in your own skin to sport it. i’m still only wearing this in the privacy of my own home! don’t worry. i’ll get out there soon!

slides. sandals with just one strap over the front of the foot. classic. most beautiful with a brightly printed fabric and leather sole. gladiators are done, strappy is done, boot/sandal/native american done. this style sandal is simple and easy and wearable with all sorts of trends depending on the color of your one strap. if anyone finds sandals like these tell me i’ll buy ten pair.

that’s all of my predictions for today, or rather things i want to happen in the future. just wait, you’ll see!