by eltomboy

>i want to be an expert at something. i’ve realized today that ii (studder intentional,no, but it stays) am very arts and crafts oriented. anything and everything that is crafty i will take on, however not always having the end result that i had imagined i’ll give myself props for giving it a shot either way. (friendship bracelets, rag baskets,patternmaking,painting, drawing,sculpting,draping,collages, the list really does go on) i just think my expertise is in art somehow, but i can’t be an expert at all art can i? don’t i need a niche somewhere within those wide perimeters? if not i will have to succumb to the fate of being an elementary school art teacher in the middle of nowhere that dresses funky and smokes pot on the weekends.
to keep myself busy at the time this is an easy diy i found on urbanoutfitters.com.
i think its time to break out my sewing machine as it has yet to be out in or new house.
disregard the shirt, but just look at those shorts! easy peasy and so cute for summer.